Welcome to DashHound dog walking, pet sitting, and pet care. Serving Cypress, Katy, Houston, and Tomball Texas. Call us at (346)291-4847.

These are the things we do to set ourselves apart from the competition.


We are pet care professionals. We are insured and bonded to ensure that your pets and property are covered. We are also PetTech CPR certified in case an emergency situation should arise. We understand that the well being of your pet is your top priority and with DashHound it is our top priority as well.

*Outstanding Communication*

Communications between us and our clients is key to our opperation. We understand that the our clients need to know whats going on when their pets are in the care of our professionals. We provide a detailed report every single visit, as well as follow-up communication to verify 100% satisfaction.

*We Really Love Animals*

We don’t just watch your pets. We have a genuine love of animals. We look forward to getting to meet your furry family members. Every pet that we meet gives us an opportunity to bond while we exercise or provide care.

*We Utilize State of the Art Technology*

We use top of the line software, specially made for pet sitting. This cuts down the possibility of confusion and helps us serve you as best as possible. 

*We Build Our Packages Around Your Needs*

If there isn’t one of our packages that suits your needs, we can create a package that will. CONTACT US and we can create a package just for you and keep record on file.

*We Provide Value*

It is our goal to give the most affordable rates possible, while providing stand-out service. We also understand that you love your pets and want professional care.