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Here are the topics we will discuss during our introductory visit.
We strive to ensure there is excellent communication with our clients.

Please feel free to review these questions and we would love to answer any questions you have as well.

What types of services are you interested in?

Do you want weekly, recurring, one time, or sporadic service?

Does your pet have any special needs such as medication or other treatment?

Can your dog have treats?

Does your dog have any history of health issues or special dietary needs?

Has your dog had any history of aggression or behavioral issues?

Any special training to reinforce during our time?

Do you desire picture updates throughout our visit with your pet?

May we showcase photos of your animal or testimonials on the Dashhound website or social media?

What is your desired form of payment?

Where do you keep your pet food, bowls or any other necessary items?

Do you have any special instructions for care of your pet?