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Stephen Wiggins started DashHound Walking and Pet Services LLC to gratify his passion for pet care. We specialize in walking, playtime, and sitting, but offer many other services as well. Our number one goal is to provide your pets with the best possible care and deliver the highest quality service to our clients. At DashHound we realize that our relationships with our clients must be built on being trustworthy, reliable, and courteous. It is our vision to embody these characteristics in a professional manner, and demonstrate the love we have for all animals in every thing we do.



I have always had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Through the years I have kept, and continue to keep pets and care for animals. I have built custom reptile/amphibian enclosures for my small animals and opened my home to many furry friends who have become a part of our family. In 2015, my wife and I bought a house in Cypress with my two sons. After that I started to follow my dream of working with animals by starting Dashhound Walking and Pet Services LLC.

The Family



Alissa is my wife, my world, and my best friend. She shares the same love for animals that I have and is one of the biggest contributing factors to making DashHound Pet Services successful.

James and Sean

James (10), and Sean (4) help take care of our personal household pets. They love all of the animals we keep from giant dogs to tiny fish.

Dorothy (Golden Retriever)

Dorothy is the oldest of our three girls. She is definitely the sweetest of the bunch and is a positive role model for her younger, larger sisters. She aims to please at every opportunity… unless of course, you leave a snack unattended. She loves getting her long fur brushed and  the inevitable belly rubs that come with it.

Lily (Great Pyrenees)

If another dog is getting love Lily will move herself in front to make sure that she’s getting some loving too. She guards our house from cars that drive by and barks at the thunder to keep the storms away. She leaves enough fur around the house to build another puppy. She is impressive in size but very sweet and gentle. Definitely the strongest willed of her sisters.

Squirt (Great Dane)

The baby of the bunch. Squirt loves a nice comfortable nap and is known for carrying around her blanket with her wherever she goes. She is sure to eat at every opportunity,  and wants to make sure she is the biggest little sister she can be.  Her tail swings like crazy in all directions, but she gives the biggest kisses.


Nagini is a super docile Boa. Sunset Boas are the super form of hypomelanistic boas.  They are stunning to look at, and just like most boas, completely awesome to handle. He gives the biggest hugs.

Michael J Frog, Minster Frog, and Hulk

These guys are the stars of my vivarium. White’s Tree Frogs, also known as Dumpy Frogs, are incredible. They are known for their voracious appetites, calm nature, and impressive size. They are able to change their colors, and also love to croak at the vacuum cleaner.

Cookie Milk

So named by my 2 year old at the time we got him, Cookie Milk is a captive bred Tomato Frog. They prefer to live in burrows and let their food come to them. She is a beautiful bright red. Although not as tolerant to handling, she is an amazing addition to my vivarium.

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi, Sushi, and Sushi.

The water dwellers of my vivarium, Zebra Danios make an awesome addition to the water feature. They are very hardy and do very well in my ambient temperature setting. They are relatively small fish.